We Serve You and Your Customers

Since 2003, LoanCraft has helped financial institutions grow their business. We provide a wide range of services that help our clients grow. Our clients have used our solutions to improve their communication with customers, improve their disclosures, and improve their compliance structure.

As we have developed tools to originate thousands of loans on behalf of our financial institution clients, we have developed tools that we now share with our clients, including the Best Offer WizardSM and the Income Portal.

LoanCraft has a strong history of maintaining a secure infrastructure, continuously improving and successfully passing a variety of state and bank audits for information security.

Income Portal

LoanCraft offers a variety of services to assist you in the calculation and verification of income.

Our Tax Return Analysis provides a full analysis of income for self-employed borrowers, based on tax returns you upload to our secure portal.

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Self-Employed Express is an end-to-end streamlined process for calculation of cash flow on tax returns. You go from e-signature to final analysis – we do all the work in between. But with Self-Employed ExpressSM, the process is easier and quicker for everyone.

Employment Income Calculation takes standard income documents and generates income calculations. This data can be consolidated in the self-employed reports too.

The Full Income Report calculates income from more than thirty types of income sources, effectively providing a consistent method of documentation and calculation of all the relevant income categories for Fannie, Freddie, VA, FHA, and Appendix Q.

Pricing Engine

Our pricing engine provides instant pricing using 24 different profile characteristics. LoanCraft can post offers to LendingTree, Velocify, and other systems. We provide a suite of testing tools and quality assurance services to ensure accuracy.

Outsourced Processing and Origination

LoanCraft provides outsourced origination of real estate loans. We help your bank add significant volume without investment in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.

  • Professional Loan Sales
  • Underwriting
  • Document Preparation
  • Management of Internet Lead Providers
  • Strategic consulting to assure the highest quality penetration of available markets and customer relationships.
Best Offer Wizard

Our innovative and exclusive Best Offer WizardSM technology gives you a turnkey ability to reach customers and offer them your products. The technology provides an easy, highly consultative interaction for the customer. We offer a range of innovative question types, and you can combine them in various ways and compare their results. It’s like getting a full web development and analytics team, at your disposal.

The Best Offer WizardSM screen is a significant improvement over rate sheets, because it instantly provides the rate without interpretation by the user. This will lead to a higher degree of accuracy in quoting rates, which is essential to customer care and compliance. And because the tool is so easy to use, the associate can concentrate more on the customer and less on the math of trying to figure out the rate.

The two keys to effective sales conversion are developing a relationship with the customer, and making the right offer to them. The Best Offer WizardSM helps the associate by structuring their conversation with the customer, and by using scripting prompts to help them probe for a customer’s needs. The questions are a launching point for deeper conversations between the associate and the customer. Then, by applying the scoring algorithm, the screen guides the associate to choose from the program that most fits the customer’s needs. Making the best offer for the customer is crucial – it significantly increases the chance of a "yes" and the customer appreciates the experience.