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Analyzing tax returns for self-employed borrowers takes a lot of time for processors and underwriters. LoanCraft's Tax Return Analysis is the solution. Simply upload tax returns to our secure portal, and we do the work. We accurately capture the data, analyze the proper use of the guidelines, and produce a comprehensive report, typically in four hours or less.

The reports include a variety of trend analysis options, liquidity analysis, research prompts, estimates of additional sources of income and summaries of scenarios based on varying levels of conservatism. We offer a wide range of configurable options, and many clients are satisfied with the default options.

LoanCraft's Virtual PanelSM
Underwriting income is time consuming, especially for self-employed borrowers. It often requires significant work before the complexity of a file is understood. LoanCraft's Virtual PanelSM provides a solution. Part of every Income Report, it provides three income estimates tailored by varying assumptions. Typically, the Virtual PanelSM contains a conservative, standard, and optimistic estimate, but you can adjust it to fit your strategy. The Virtual PanelSM gives you an immediate view of how complex a file is. When all the estimates are close or the same, the file is not complicated, even if it has several businesses. But when the estimates differ, it's likely that a little additional analysis is warranted.
If three different underwriters, with different points of view, gave you the same answer, how much more research would you need to do?
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